Orientation Schedule 2013

Residential Orientation Schedule

Wesleyan College

Saturday, August 17th-Tuesday, August 20th

Saturday, August 17th

Time                  Event                                                Location

9:00 am                    Check-in and Move-in                       Olive Swann Porter Lobby

12:00 pm                 Lunch                                                                  Anderson Dining Hall

1:00 pm                    Staff and Services Fair                                Oval Hall – Candler

3:00 pm                   Welcome from the Orientation Staff     Porter Auditorium

4:00 pm                   O-Group Meeting                                            Various Rooms

5:00 pm                   Dinner                                                                   Anderson Dining Hall

6:00 pm                   Residence Life                                                   Taylor Amphitheatre

Sunday, August 18th

Time                  Event                                                  Location

11:00 am                 Chapel                                                                 Benson Room – Candler

12:00 pm                 Brunch                                                                  Anderson Dining Hall

3:00 pm                   Residence Hall Social                                      Residence Halls


Monday, August 19th

Time                   Event                                                   Location

8:00 am                    Breakfast                                                              Anderson Dining Hall

8:30 am                     Portal (Email, Wesnet)                                   Taylor Amphitheatre

9:15 am                     Service Learning (Taylor 123)                       *Two O-Groups each

Career Development & Internships (Taylor Amphitheatre)

Campus Store and Mailbox (Campus Store)

Debt Manager (Tate 228)

Library (Willet Memorial Library)

                      *Groups will rotate every half hour*

12:00 pm                      Lunch                                                                  Anderson Dining Hall

1:00 pm                        Campus Safety                                                 Taylor Amphitheatre

1:30 pm                         Financial Aid                                                      Trice

2:30 pm                         Work Study On-Campus                              Trice

*Mandatory for all work-study eligible students*

4:00 pm                        Athletics                                                             Taylor Amphitheatre

 *Mandatory if you are playing a NCAA sport*

5:00 pm                        Dinner                                                                 Anderson Dining Hall

6:00 pm                        O-Group Meeting                                              Various

7:30 pm                        CAB Presents: Mind Reading                    Taylor Amphitheatre

Tuesday, August 20th

Time                      Event                                                   Location

8:00 am                         Breakfast                                                           Anderson Dining Hall

10:00 am                      Honor Code                                                      Taylor Amphitheatre

11:00 am                       Academic Expectations & WISE                 Porter Auditorium

*Transfers/Exchange leave at 11:30 am

11:00 am -3:00 pm     Job Fair                                                                 Trice

12:00 pm -2:30pm     Club Fair                                                                OSP Lobby

12:00 pm                        Lunch                                                                Anderson Dining Hall

*First Years in WISE Classroom; Transfers in Anderson Dining Hall*

3:15 pm                           Matriculation Ceremony                                Porter Auditorium

4:15 pm                          Welcome Back Party and Dinner                Horseshoe

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5 on 5!

This post is from your Orientation Lead, Colleen DeGraff, who is from Pike County, Georgia. Here are her lists of what she was happy she did and what she wish she had done her first year at Wesleyan . . .

5 things I’m glad I did my first year:

1. Got involved with sports and groups on campus
a. Being involved in sports and various groups on campus is how I met people and how I was able to develop the friendships that I have today.
b. I kept busy with school work and extracurricular activities.
c. It got my mind off of schoolwork and allowed me to relieve stress by fun and productive means.

2. I focused on me
a. Coming from high school where I knew what is going to happen each day (and the next day, and the next week . . .) and moving to college where I live almost day-to-day was a huge change; so staying focused on me, my work, and my grades instead of on other’s lives helped a lot.
b. College classes are different than high school and you have to adjust and find your groove before you can take on more responsibilities . . . which leads me to my next point . . .

3. I didn’t join every club and organization on campus during my first semester although I may have wanted to during the club fair.
a. I became a part of only a couple groups on campus my first semester which allowed me to concentrate on my work and figuring out my classes and professors. I was able to give my all towards those couple groups and figure out how much my plate could handle. As I figured out how much I could handle, I then took on more responsibilities accordingly.

4. Kept an open mind to people, beliefs, and classes/teachings
a. I didn’t have the mindset that I was the only one who was right.
b. I knew my professors wouldn’t be quite like my high school teachers, so I went into classes the first week with a clear mind ready to learn what I could about the professor, what they expected and how they taught.
c. I met many different people on campus and I was interested in where they called home and what their beliefs were.
d. One of my first friends was an international student and I came to find that she is someone who will always put a smile on my face when I talk to her – I never would have met her if I did not open up to new people and new ideas.

5. I tried to help myself first and figure out problems on my own before going to someone
a. One of the first steps of college is becoming independent and I knew that I would be helped if I needed help, but I would not be babied. I was able to figure out how to do things or where to go on my own but I knew when to ask for help.

5 things I wish I had done/had not done my first year:

1. Get work done ahead of time.
a. I have found that using any free time you have (time when you feel bored especially) is a great time to get ahead or study more. It helped me a lot this past and surrounding yourself with friends who can help motivate you to use a little more time studying helps loads, too.

2. I didn’t get involved in STUNT as much as I wish I had.
a. After seeing how much fun my classmates had in STUNT my first year, I was sad I had not participated that much. There are so many memories and fun times that I missed out on by not being more directly involved in STUNT.

3. Seen a tutor(s) on a regular basis.
a. I would have liked to have seen how much my grades would have improved with the help of a tutor. A regular tutor may have helped lessen the struggle of classes, too.
b. Going to a tutor doesn’t imply that you aren’t as smart as others; it means that you take advantage of the resources given to you to ensure you are doing your best. Sometimes just hearing a certain topic coming from another person can help you understand it better.

4. Met and bonded with more of my classmates during summer and Fall Orientation and the other numerous times I visited.
a. I was shy and didn’t meet many of my classmates when I visited and ended up deciding on a roommate the day rooms were assigned.
b. I wish I had met more of my classmates because I think I would have enjoyed myself more during my visits and the first week of classes. It also may not have taken me a whole semester to meet the other half of my class.

5. Had a daily routine.
a. I wish I had made a workout schedule for myself and planned my week more so it was consistent. The differences in the MWF and TR schedules was (still is) hard to get used to for me and I have discovered that a daily routine keeps me on track and keeps me working at my full potential which proves to be difficult with the multiple things going on during the semester.

** bought rainboots !!
a. These are a necessity on campus!

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5 on 5: What You Did Right/What You Did Wrong…

This post comes from Parrish Jenkins, one of our esteemed Admissions Counselors and a PK of 2006! Below Parrish writes about her experience while at Wesleyan, the things that she did right and the things that, well, didn’t go so right.


What I know I did right:

1) I will second Paula, and say I got involved!  
  * I did not join many clubs in high school, and I was excited to explore all of Wesleyan’s clubs and organizations my first semester.  Not only did it help me meet people, and become more extroverted, but it also forced me to manage my time.


2)  I got un-involved!
    *  This may sound counter intuitive, but as quickly as I got involved, my first semester was overwhelming.  By January, I had to make some tough decisions, and figure out what I could handle as extracurricular activities, and what needed to wait until the next year.  Wesleyan’s academic rigor is challenging, but extracurriculars are just as important.  Find clubs and causes that fit your schedule and your philosophy so you can commit to things, but still have time to be successful.


3) I learned the history of Wesleyan
    *  You don’t have to be a walking time line of factual information, but I really enjoyed learning about Wesleyan’s origins, legendary alumnae, and sisterhood traditions, past and present during my time here.  You’re spending a good chunk of money and time here for four years, and it helps to know more about the College than just your professors.  See yourself as a graduate the day you start class!  


4) I learned my way around Macon
    *  If you haven’t already figured it out, Macon is not Atlanta, nor any other city to want it to be like.  Macon is Macon.  And it is what you make of it.  I knew I would never feel like this was my home, if I didn’t know it as well as I knew Watkinsville, or Athens for that matter.  I never sat in my dorm room and whined about nothing to do.  I found trivia nights, coffee shops, movies, bars and non-Wesleyan peeps to hang out with.  I love my sisters, but if you treat Wesleyan like a bubble, it will be one. 


5)  I worked hard, and I played hard.
    *  I naturally expect a lot from myself.  And even though I often struggled with time management and a little procrastination, life was easier when I finished early and left some time to treat myself.  


What I did wrong – do I have to admit that I’m wrong?
1)  I didn’t go to the gym.  At all. 
    *  Yes, walking to and from class, and up and down stairs is activity for the day.  But the real world charges a lot for a gym membership.  And Mathews is free.  And I really like lunch time yoga.  I should have started sooner!


2)  I didn’t make enough friends.
    *  Don’t get me wrong, I was not socially inept.  I had a great core group of friends.  However, I know that I missed many opportunities to meet and get to know other young women.  Don’t limit yourself to your incoming class, or your Big Sister class.  Support comes from and mentors come in all ages!


3)  I didn’t take enough electives. 
    *  I took what I needed to for Gen Ed.  But I regret not taking more electives, or even other 200 or 300 level classes just for the learning experience.  Public speaking is great, but how about a Gender in the Media class.  Biology is awesome, but I would gladly go back and study Neuroscience or Ecology just for fun.  So what if I didn’t make an A in the class?  


4)  I didn’t do community service. 
    *  Don’t judge me.  I did some W.O.W days, but I know I missed out with lots of fun and meaningful projects around Macon.  Now that I live and work here, it’s important to me to be a positive force in the community.  Start early!


5)  I dominated.
    *  My type A, driven personality took over first year, and still has trouble letting go of the reins!  I struggled with delegating tasks, and wanting to do everything myself – perfectly.  I had to find a balance between my fierce, task oriented and independent personality, and collaborating so that everyone benefited from the experience, not just me. 

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5 on 5

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring posts titled ’5 on 5′…this week we are focusing on the 5 Things You did Right your First Year and the 5 Things You did Wrong (or just wish that you could’ve changed). Posts will be written by some of Wesleyan’s finest so stay tuned. Today’s entry comes from Paula Lockhart, a Senior Orientation Leader from St. Mary’s, GA

5 on 5: Five Things I did right my First Year of College and 5 Things I did wrong

As a senior at Wesleyan, this is my reflection on the things I felt I did amazing my First Year of college and the things I’d rather forget. Onto the things I did right…

1)       I got involved!

  1. My first year at Wesleyan I joined numerous organizations. College can be excluding and scary if you don’t take the initiative to see all your campus has to offer. By the end of my first year I became my class representative for Council on Judicial Affairs (CJA) and Campus Activities Board (CAB).

2)      I dropped the dead weight in my life.

  1. When you get to college you’ll meet a ton of people and naturally you’ll want to be BFFLs with them but remember not everyone is meant to be your friend. If someone isn’t doing you any good in your life, drop ‘em.

3)      I left my comfort zone

  1. I did things I never expected myself to do. I made friends with women who I would have never talked to in high school. I took a week long trip without family for the first time, ever!

4)      I got to know the faculty and staff on my campus.

  1. This was SUPER important to me because it isn’t always what you know, but who you know. In addition to persistence and hard work knowing the individuals who work in the various departments of Wesleyan can make things go pretty darn smooth.

5)      I got more realistic about the grades I wanted to make.

  1. Hear me loud and clear, not the grades my family wanted me to make, the grades I wanted to make because if you do not embark on this educational journey for yourself first, it’ll be way harder than you think. Every semester I sit down and write the down the grades I want to make, then I work to make them a reality.

Onto the things I’d rather forget, but I won’t because they made me a better person.

1)      I threw away my grades 1st semester!

  1. Do not let anyone fool you; the first semester of college is just as important as your last. The first semester of college lays down to foundation, don’t be waste it.

2)      I wasn’t consistent with my effort.

  1. For me, being consistent was the difference between success and mediocrity. It’s a constant battle, but the more consistent you are with your effort the more results you will see,

3)      I spent more time worrying about how others viewed than how I viewed myself.

  1. Wanting to fit in, be liked, feel apart of a community is human nature, the problem comes in when we spend too much time wanting to be loved than loving yourself.

4)       I was too dependent on others.

  1. I relied heavily on my Big Sister, friends, and family instead of using faith and relying on myself. This is not to say that you cannot rely on the aforementioned individuals, but always remember you are your greatest support.

5)      I didn’t take care of myself.

  1. I ate crappy food, I kept a crappy sleep schedule, and I didn’t exercise at all. So I felt like crap constantly, especially during finals and rehearsals. Nowadays I sleep regularly, I’m more aware of what I put in my body and I get some type of physical activity in everyday. This also applies to mental and emotional health. Never be afraid to seek the counseling services available to you.


The Festival of Holi!

paula 2

Chilling with my Purple Knight Sisters!

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Housing applications are out!!

It’s a bright, sun-shiny day here at Wesleyan because . . . . Housing letters were just sent out!!!! Domestic students will receive their letters via mail and international students will receive their letters via email tomorrow. We are one step closer to starting Fall 2013 semester!!

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PLEASE READ- AARDVARK Advising Appointments and Information

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had some major tech issues. I am so sorry that the information has not gotten to you earlier and so we wanted to post it here for you to see. Below you will see the most up-to-date Advising Appointment schedule and AARDVARK Schedule. Once again, we sincerely apologize for how late this information is getting to you.

Advising Appointment Schedule

Advising Times (JPEG)




What time should I be here on Friday?

Check-In will take place on Friday between 9:00am and 1:00pm in the lobby of the Olive Swann Porter building. We ask that you check in at least one hour prior to your advising appointment. If you have a 10:00am appointment, we expect you to check-in at 9:00am; if you have a 3:00 advising appointment, we expect you to check-in before 1:00pm. We will have representatives from Financial Aid, Computer Information Resources, Athletics and Health Services to take any forms and field any questions you may have.

What kind of sessions will be taking place?

Four sessions will be running in the morning and in the afternoon that will cover the following topics: Academic Life at Wesleyan, Student Affairs & Residence Life, Financial Aid and the Business Office. Each session will be half an hour and will be presented by College administrators and staff from those respective areas.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is provided free of charge (only for registered guests). Lunch will be served from 11:30am-1:30pm. You will receive lunch tickets when you check-in.

Do I have to stay the entire time at AARDVARK?

We ask that you check-in at least an hour before your advising session and take care of any business that you may need to take care of while you are here. Your advising appointment will last approximately thirty minutes. We know that some students will stay for the full day, while we understand that some students will leave immediately following their advising appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you on Friday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me regarding A.A.R.D.V.A.R.K. 2013.

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Good Eats and College Treats!

As we get closer to move-in time at Wesleyan we want to make sure you know what to pack! Sometimes food outside of the dining hall is not thought of until you are sitting in your dorm room with a growling stomach wondering how you will survive until the dining hall opens again. We know, as college students, you will have those late night cravings, so here are some suggestions for groceries to buy and restaurants to visit!

Top 5 Quick Meals for Between or After Dining Hall Hours

snacks 1

Top Snacks for Late Nights and Between Meals 

snacks 2

Top 10 (cheap) Grocery Items That Will Last

snacks 3Top 10 Restaurants in Macon, GA

snacks 4 snacks 5 snacks 6

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