Advice of the Day!

Want to know some quick tips on how to survive college life? Orientation Leader and Pirate ’17, Sarah Berks, has some tips for you!
- Don’t procrastinate.
- Do your work ahead of time, like before the due date.
- Get some exercise in. A fifteen minute walk will help your blood flow, boost your spirits, and help you do your homework, because your juices are flowing, and you’re like “I’m in the game” and BAM you’ve got your head in the game.
- Don’t stress yourself out because everything isn’t as bad as it seems.
- Don’t forget to eat, because I feel like that’s an easy thing to do in college.
Thanks for the advice, Sarah!
As for the incoming class, we will see you in less than a month!!

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Advice of the Day!

Are you starting to think of what to bring to college? or what to expect?

Well, here is some great advice from one of your Orientation Leaders, Jessica McCrory (Pirate ’17):

-  It’s better to temporarily part with some of your favorite items from home than to try to haul your whole room to Macon. The move-in and move-out process is already tiring enough.
- Although it can be hard sometimes, try to make new friends and become well acquainted with students and faculty on campus. You never know how you can be a help to someone or how they can help you. Luckily, because of Wesleyan’s close knit campus this shouldn’t be extremely difficult.

- Even if you were a busy bee in high school, the work load in college is much greater, and trying to juggle academics and extra curricular activities becomes more difficult, especially without your parents down your back. Learning how to use your time wisely is something you should learn very early on. Invest in a planner, set schedules, and stay organized!




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Advice for the day!

Christina Mayfield, Senior, Golden Heart ’15, Orientation Leader (and birthday girl!!), provides some advice for your college preparation:

It is not hard to get involved in life at Wesleyan. You will get an opportunity to visit our club and organization fair, displaying the multitude of activities you can become a part of. However, don’t get too overwhelmed. College is a major life transition, and adding too much to your plate at once can make that transition even harder to complete. Rather, I would suggest choosing a few clubs and organizations to begin with. With four years in one place, you will have the opportunity to become more involved once you realize what your capacity truly is. Also, don’t let involvement scare you. I have made so many friends through the various groups I have joined while at Wesleyan, and it has truly made my experience better than I could ever imagine.

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Below are the schedules for the morning and afternoon sessions during AARDVARK 2014. These schedules, while tentative, will give you a better idea of how the day will go and what to expect.

AARDVARK Morning Schedule

Morning Session


8:00-8:45am: Check-In   – Porter Auditorium Front Porch

9:00am:  Welcome from the College! – Porter Auditorium

9:15am: Academic Expectations & the First-Year Experience – Blackbox Theatre

schedule morn

Parents will exit at 9:15am with Dean Gibbs to head to the Parent Orientation Session (Burder Parlor-Olive Swann Porter building)


AARDVARK Afternoon Schedule

Afternoon Session


12:00-12:45pm: Check-In  -Porter Auditorium Front Porch

1:00pm:  Welcome from the College!  – Porter Auditorium

1:15pm: Academic Expectations & the First-Year Experience -  Blackbox Theatre

schedule aft

Parents will exit at 1:15pm with Dean Gibbs to head to the Parent Orientation Session (Burder Parlor-Olive Swann Porter building)


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AARDVARK is June 20th!

Hey Wesleyannes!

It’s almost here! AARDVARK 2014 is days away. Below you will find some common questions that have been asked about AARDVARK so far. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


Driving Directions & Parking Information

*From I-475 North: Coming off the ramp, turn left (heading east) and proceed down Zebulon Road/ From I-475 South: Coming off the ramp, turn right (heading east) and proceed down Zebulon Road.

*Follow Zebulon for approximately 2.5 miles until it ends on Forsyth Road (US 41) and turn right.

* Drive down Forsyth Road for 0.8miles until you reach Gate 3 for the college. Please note you will be passing our main gate because it is currently under construction. Gate 3 is not marked with a sign but has brick pillars and large metal gates. Gate 3 is right before you reach the stoplight at Tucker Road. Should you pass this gate, just turn right onto Tucker Road and enter the college at Gate 4.

* Please park in Parking Lot A which is on the corner of Tucker and Forsyth Road. You should see Orientation Leaders in blue t-shirts that will be able to direct you to parking, as well as the location of Check-In. In the instance that Parking Lot A is full, please travel down Tucker Road, enter the College at Gate 5 (will be marked with balloons) and park in Parking Lot B.


Check-In will take place on the front porch of the Porter Auditorium. Signs, balloons and Orientation Leaders will be around campus to point you in the right direction.


Lunch is provided free of charge & two guests. Lunch will be served from 11:30am-1:30pm. You will receive lunch tickets when you check-in if you choose to stay late/come early for lunch. Lunch tickets will be available at the check-in table.

 Student ID Cards

If you have some free time, you can stop by Huckabee Hall and get your student id card made. If you aren’t able to, you can still get the made in the Fall during Fall Orientation.

 Fall Course Schedules

Please make note that if you have not turned in all your forms or completed all of your placement exams, you will not be able to receive your Fall academic course schedule. Please make sure that you have turned in all forms (or will be bringing the remainder with you to AARDVARK) and completed all your placement exams.


We can’t wait to meet you or see you again on Friday. As stated previously, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us regarding AARDVARK 2014.


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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently

Hey, y’all! I’m Elizabeth Harrell, one of the Lead Orientation Leaders for Wesleyan College Orientation 2K14. As a rising junior, I’ve experienced two full years of college life and I’m looking forward to the last half of my undergraduate career. Even though I try to live by the hashtag #NoRegrets, there are certain things I wish I would have done differently my first year at Wesleyan:

  1. Your roommate/suitemates don’t have to be your closest friends.

The three lovely ladies I lived with my first year of college I met during my summer Orientation program. When I say I was psyched about my new BFFs, I mean they were all I could talk about to anyone and I knew that we would be thick as thieves from the beginning of our college journey to the very end. Well, the semester started and we all began to get involved in our own activities and branch outside of our Wortham foursome. At first I was distraught but then I realized there wasn’t anything wrong with being friends with the girls I didn’t live with. It’s not that I didn’t like my roommate or my suitemates—I loved my roommate and my suitemates dearly. It was simply a matter of learning that quality friendships can begin anywhere! Not just within your residence hall.

  1. Bring the basics.

When you’re packing for your first year at Wesleyan, make sure you bring the basics… Y’know, clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, maybe some snacks, and hopefully a notebook and at least one pencil. Is your popcorn machine a necessity? What about your kayak? Every single t-shirt you own? Spray paint? Your 5000-piece assorted sidewalk chalk? Remember when you’re packing that you are going to be living in a room with your things, along with your roommate and her things. You’re also going to be living in this room from August-May and chances are you’ll go shopping in that time span, right? I learned very quickly that not only did I have to find space for the things I brought from home, but space for the new things I purchased, and then space for ALL of it when I was moving home in May. A simple rule of thumb is if you don’t use/wear it in 1-3 weeks, it is probably best to leave it at home.

  1. It’s okay to be homesick.

For whatever reason I thought that admitting I was homesick was a sign of sheer weakness. My family would ask me how I was “holding up without the family.” Every time I was at the receiving end of this my immediate response was, “OH YEAH I’M GREAT I LOVE WESLEYAN! I DON’T MISS ANYONE! I’LL SEE Y’ALL IN NOVEMBER,” then proceeded to hang up the phone and tell my roommate how much I missed my niece and nephews. Believe me when I say that it’s okay to admit to being sad because you aren’t with your family or your friends. The transition from high school to college is usually one of the biggest transitions someone our age has experienced, and being without your family can be rough! So when your mom or your sister or your uncle asks if you’re homesick, just be honest! You could get a solid care package out of it.

  1. Make time for yourself.

You’re in this new place with these new people and all of these classes and activities. You’re going to the Campus Activities Board party on Friday, but on Tuesday you’re attending the Council on Religious Unity’s event on Islam… All while your WISe paper is due on Wednesday and a date Thursday night. Everyone is asking you to come with them here and make time to go to this shindig there, but when was the last time you took some quiet time? My first year I decided that I never wanted to be alone, and I always needed to have some sort of event or social activity planned. Toward the end of my first semester, I realized that being so social really wasn’t that great of an idea. Nights on the town were great, but in moderation. If you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll definitely start to lose yourself. With all of the fun things Wesleyan has to offer, it’s very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of comradery and fun. In order to fully enjoy the fun, take some time by yourself to recharge your batteries!

  1. Don’t let sisterhood overwhelm you.

Sisterhood at Wesleyan is huge. From the time you begin your admissions/enrollment process, you know what class you’re a member of and who your Big Sister class will be. Two years ago, I was considered a Baby Green Knight awaiting my Perfect Purple Knight Big Sister. Already familiar with a member of my Big Sister class, I had been given an outrageous amount of information about tradition and sisterly protocol. I attended every single sisterhood or traditionally Wesleyan event. From staying up until midnight to tape things to a wall (you’ll see), to standing in a cold, murky fountain screaming cheers that I didn’t understand, I was fully immersed in sisterhood by the end of my first semester. When I took a step back I realized that not everyone in my class was as wrapped up in sisterhood as I was, and the relationship I was supposed to have with the PK class had become a source of stress to be the best at the sisterhood function, and not about enjoying the time I was spending with my sisters. So, from a member of your Green Knight Big Sister class—Don’t let sisterhood overwhelm you. You decide how involved you want to be with the sisterhood program, and don’t let anyone pester you about Color Wall, Color Rush, Class Soccer, etc. Your level of involvement is your own. At the end of the day, how content you are with your decisions regarding sisterhood will be the only thing that matters.


There you have it, ladies! Hopefully I’ve imparted some sort of mighty wisdom upon you, or at least triggered a smile here or there. I look forward to meeting each of you soon!

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Welcome to the official blog for Wesleyan College Orientation! Here your summer leads, Colleen DeGraff and Elizabeth Harrell (aka Marizabeth), will be updating you all on all things Orientation related. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter or email us at if you have any questions about the college (academics, campus life, clubs, sports, etc) please feel free to ask away! Through our combined knowledge about the College, we are sure to find an answer to any questions you ask.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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