Advice of the Week: AARDVARK Edition!

As we gear up for AARDVARK (only seven days away!), this week’s blog entry is about the Orientation experience of OLs Auburn Davidson and Maggie Blum!


My Orientation experience was overall really awesome! I was a very homesick person, but my OL Paula (a Perfect Purple Knight of 2014) checked on me and reassured me that Wesleyan was the place for me–and now, almost two years later, I am so thankful for that! There is no place I’d rather be! I loved getting to know all of the people in my O-Group and playing games. Orientation allowed us to get acquainted with the campus, which really helped for the first day of class! Enjoy your Orientation experience! It is among my most cherished memories–when Wesleyan became mine!


I think my orientation experience helped me because I was able to get acquainted well with a diverse group of people. Wesleyan is an amazing place where you can meet as many or as little people as you feel comfortable. If you really want to make friends, the orientation process is really a great way to start! By participating in some of the events, you can get to know many other students feeling the same feelings you are, as well as the orientation leaders! I remember when I finally started classes, it was nice to see I had met some people through orientation that were in my classes already!

Orientation also helped me learn the value of putting yourself out there. I was nervous coming here at first, especially since I don’t know anyone in the area at all. The orientation process helped me meet people that could help support me through college. All I had to do was put myself out there, go to a few events, and through that I was able to make fast connections. Through this I realized that if you get involved with campus life I was able to find a loving community at Wesleyan. And Wesleyan gives so many opportunities to be active on campus! I wouldn’t have tried to become an Orientation Leader if it wasn’t for my successful orientation.

Advice of the Week!

OL Jessica McCrory gives her take on getting involved at Wesleyan!

Thanks, Jessica!

Because I was such a busy body in high school, it was only natural for me to come to Wesleyan and want to be super involved on campus. I quickly realized that college is way different than high school and that there was not way that I would be able to do EVERYTHING. This was really unfortunate seeing that Wesleyan has so many awesome clubs and organizations. There is truly something for everyone, and if there isn’t a club you feel like you would join, you can always start your own. How awesome is that? Nevertheless, I believe that now as I start my junior year I have really found the clubs and leadership roles that I love and belong in. I am currently an Orientation Leader, a WAVE Ambassador, the Campus Activities Board Marketing Rep, Captain of the Spirit Squad, Vice President of GLBAL, and the Pirate Class Secretary.

Advice of the Week!

As we prepare for roommate assignments, here’s some advice from OL D’Andrea Dixon on how to adjust to living with an international roommate. Thanks, D!

International Livin’

  1. Communicate – your international roommate comes from a completely different part of the world, so be sensitive to those things. What if you had to leave everything you know to go to China to study for 4 years? Pretty scary. So if they don’t clean the way you like or it they do things that you don’t understand, ask them! You create opportunities to learn so much.

2.The Golden Rule – just because your roommate is from another part of the world, it doesn’t mean that they can’t relate to you. They are still humans and more than likely they are the same age as you experiencing the same fears and emotions. Practicing humanism and treating people the way you’d want to be treated is a great way to get along with your roommate

  1. Set Boundaries – just like you would with any other domestic roommate, you guys should sit and talk about the DO’s and DON’T’s, what you expect from each other because the rooms aren’t that big and you will spend a lot of personal space. Setting up initial rules will keep things working well and it will set up a communication platform to go off of if anything happens.
  1. Show Interest – There are so many interesting things to learn from people from different countries. By asking your roommate questions about your home life compared to theirs it helps you guys build a connection and you can learn firsthand about a specific place in the world.
  1. Be Prepared/Open for/to Anything – yes, you may experience different sounds and smells that you may or may not like. These things may confuse you or make you uncomfortable. Talk about it. It may be nerve wracking but by holding it in, you create tension in the small space you both must share. Ask questions, be understanding, practice empathy and the golden rule. Just be a good person :)

Advice of the Week!

First year Orientation Leader Lindsey Meyer offers her advice about the First Year Experience!

When I first came to Wesleyan I was very shy. During many of the optional orientation events, I would stay in my room because I was so nervous. After the first month, I was tired of isolating myself and I told myself that I would become more involved. I was elected to the STUNT writing committee and this was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Through being a member of the writing committee, I became a lot more involved in my class and I quickly came out of my shell. Now, my friends all joke around about how shy I was because now I am usually the one screaming and telling jokes.

While I am still shy around people I don’t know very well, I have made so much progress and I know that I will continue to progress during my time at Wesleyan. I thought it was cliche when I was told that Wesleyan instilled confidence in women but I now know that this is completely true. The first year experience truly is an amazing one if you force yourself out of your comfort zone and get involved, but make sure to still focus on your classes! It can be nerve-wracking to be a first year student, but Wesleyan has great opportunities and resources to help overcome this and bond with your sisters, who are usually really supportive! Whether it be STUNT committee or running for a class position, find your interest, get involved, and I promise you will have a great first year!


AARDVARK is the new name for our Summer Advising and Registration program. Academic Advising and Registration Day, Virtual and Real Kind gives the opportunity for all deposited students to be a part of the academic process at Wesleyan College. Students will have the opportunity to meet with a first-year advisor and discuss academic schedules, in addition to meeting Wesleyan College faculty, staff and students that will help in their transition at Wesleyan.
Please understand that AARDVARK is only applicable to first-year college students. This event is not for transfer or exchange students.
What do I need to do prior to AARDVARK and how do I register for AARDVARK?
All deposited students should have received an email from Ashley Tomlin titled ‘Wesleyan College-Info Needed! Register for Classes’ which listed important information about AARDVARK and how to register for AARDVARK. Within that email was your respective log-in and directions to fill out the Advising Questionnaire which all students must fill out prior to AARDVARK. Whether you plan to join us on-campus that day or can be there as you are an international student or out-of-state and cannot make the commute, we MUST have your completed Advising Questionnaire in order for you to get a Fall schedule. If you have not received this email, please email Ashley Tomlin at
Can I bring my parents and or family members?
Yes, you can. However, we do ask that you only bring, at most, two family members. There will be a Parent/Family Orientation that parents and/or family members can attend while you are busy.
What should I expect out of AARDVARK?
There are two sessions of AARDVARK taking place on Friday, June 26th, a morning session and an afternoon session. The morning session will run from 8:00am-12:00pm and the afternoon session will run from 12:00pm-4:00pm. You will have a designated time to meet with a college advisor, an opportunity to sit and chat with your peers and upperclass students, and receive vital information from select college offices.
Do I have to stay the entire time for AARDVARK?
Yes! It is very important that you stay the entire time for AARDVARK.
Do I need to do anything prior to AARDVARK?
Yes. Take the New Student Assessments here: Make sure you have turned in (if you haven’t already) your housing application, immunization records, deposit payments and financial aid paperwork. If you’re just finishing up that paperwork, just bring it with you for AARDVARK and you can turn it in to the respective offices. If you have questions about any of these documents, a representative from these various offices will be available to help walk you through the process.
If I attend AARDVARK, do I have to come for Fall Orientation?
YES! Fall Orientation is MANDATORY for all incoming students to Wesleyan. Fall Move-In and Orientation will begin Wednesday, August 12th. Fall sport athletes may have an early move-in date but that will be communicated to you by your coach. International Students may begin arriving to campus as early as Saturday, August 8th but must report to campus for International Orientation by Monday, August 10th at 12:00pm.
How can I keep in touch with the Orientation Staff ?
We have this blog as well as a Facebook page here:, a Twitter account here:!/WCOrientation and you can also follow us on Instagram @wescoorientation.

To reach us directly, please feel free to email Ashley or Elizabeth:
Ashley Tomlin, Director of Student Activities:
Elizabeth Harrell, Orientation Summer Lead:

Advice of the Day!

Fall Orientation is tomorrow!! So, in preparation, here is some advice from a great OL, Auburn Davidson!

     The one thing I wish I could change about my first year at Wesleyan has nothing to do with academics. I wish I had set aside time to participate in more ‘fun stuff’ on campus. Instead, I chose to sit in my room and over-work myself. It’s very important to get your work done, but it’s also important to take a break and hang out with your sisters! My favorite memories of this past year do not involve getting 100s on tests, but staying up playing Playstation or watching Frozen and laughing with my friends.  There is a time for academics and a time for extracurriculars, make sure you’re balanced!  Perfect Purple Knights, go to every pep rally, foam party, and homecoming activity you can! Of course, academics are why you came to college, but there is SO much more Wesleyan has to offer that makes it more than just an education, it makes it an experience! I cannot wait to meet you all in a couple of weeks!